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3175 Ogden Ave, Lisle, IL (630) 355-8191

Basic Services

At Ogden Motorcar we pride ourselves on our automotive repairs. We are a full-service repair and car maintenance facility. With your permission, we will perform all forms of automotive preventive maintenance on your automobile. We provide all service that will keep your car in top performance.

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Services available

*Oil Changes
*Tune Up
*Timing Belt
*Gaskets + Seals
*Complete Engine Replacement

*Disc + Drum
*Traction Control

Cooling System
*Belts + Hoses
*Water Pump
*Gasket Leaks

Drive Train
*CV Joints/Axles/Differentials
*Trans Axles
*Wheel Bearings

*Wiring Harnesses + Wiring Problems
*All Switches

Suspension and Steering
*Alignments 2 + 4 Wheel
*Ball Joints + Steering Linkage
*Rack + Pinion
*Shocks + Struts

*Complete Exhaust System Replacement
*Catalytic Converters

Heater + Air Conditioning
*Heater Problems – Including Core replacement
*Air Conditioning – Including R12 – R134A
All A/C parts Replacement
*Climate Control

Tires + Wheels
*Tire Replacement – All Brands Available
*Tire Repairs
*Wheel Sales
*We Have the Highest Quality Equipment Available
Hunter Road Force Balancer with Patch Balance Available

Other Services
*Headlamps – All Bulbs
*Power Windows + Locks
*Sun Roofs
*Seat Repairs

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Towing Available