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Starting and Charging System Analysis including Car Batteries

It may be that your starting problem is not directly related to the battery but rather may be related to some issue taking place with the starting or charging system. Ogden Motorcar will perform a complete diagnostic to hone in on the problem and identify the cause of the problem.

For vehicles that do not start (crank or crank slowly) we will perform a test of the battery, the alternator as well as the starter to identify the problem.

Car Battery Installation and Protection Service

Ogden Motorcar is pleased to perform superior battery inspection and installation services. We will remove the battery clamps and test battery using a computer based tester prior to performing diagnostics on the starting and charging system

For batteries that need to be replaced, we will install the new battery. For those showing white corrosion but do not need full replacement along with any new battery installations, we will clean the battery tray, terminal posts and hold downs. We will install felt washers and clean and spray the terminal with protectant.

Charging, Starting System Diagnosis

Ogden Motorcar will perform a charging/starting system diagnosis when it is determined that the problem extends beyond the battery. We will conduct alternator and starter system analysis to verify that system voltage exists at all alternator and starter points if it does not we will identify the issue and contact the owner with our recommended solution.

Car Battery 101 – Some key facts and comments

How does climate affect my battery? The colder the climate the higher cold-cranking amps (CCA) rating needed.
What are Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)? This is the discharge load measured in amps a fully charged battery can deliver for 30 seconds at 0 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining the voltage at about 7+/- volts.
What is Reserve Capacity? This is the number of minutes a fully charged battery can discharge 25 amps at 80 degrees Fahrenheit until the voltage falls below 10.5 volts.
How many types of batteries are there? Basically two, Low-maintenance (non-sealed) and maintenance-free (non-sealed or sealed). Low maintenance will require some action be taken to insure the life of the battery.
How big should the battery be for my car? This can be found with your manufacturer as they specify cranking amp requirements by make, model and year of car.
What is the optimal age of a purchased battery age? The battery should never be more than six months old. At this age, batteries begin to “sulfate” or lose charge. Be sure to check the date code on the battery.
What type of warranty should I get This is really a personnel choice, please pick a battery with the warranty that best meets your needs.