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Ogden Motorcar in Lisle, IL fixes brakesIn order to identify any problem with your brakes, Ogden Motorcar must perform a full brake evaluation on all four wheels. This may include a test drive to determine the condition of the brakes. Once back in the shop, each tire will be removed and the brakes fully examined to insure that they are operating properly. Once the issues have been diagnosed we will contact the customer to determine the plan of action. No work will be performed until we have approval from the owner.

How do I know my brakes are bad or failing?

You will hear sounds emanating from your brakes, feel a change in the action in the brake pedal or feel a change in the way the car operates when the brake is applies. These may take the form of:

A high-pitched squeal – a noise that goes away when you step on the brake. This is an indication that you brake pad may be worn.
A grinding sound – a noise that is heard when breaking. This is an indication that your brake pads or shoes may be fully worn away and you are now breaking against the drums or rotors.
A soft or mushy break pedal that changes in push pressure when you pump the brake pedal. This is an indication that your brakes may need to be “bled” – a process of removing air bubbles from the brake lines. This could also be an indication of a leak in the brake system.
A brake pedal that slowly falls to the floor when pushed. This is an indication that you may need to replace the brake master cylinder or may have other hydraulic problems
Your car pulling to one side or the other when braking. This is an indication that you may have uneven hydraulic pressure in one part of the system. It may also be that you have a brake caliper that is sticking. If we find that this pulling is not related to your brakes, it may be related to problems in the front-end of the car. We may look into the potential need for an alignment or wheel balancing.
You sense a bad smell when applying the brakes – or the actual smoking of the brakes. This could indicate a stuck brake caliper or wheel cylinder. It may also be due to weak return springs on drum brakes.

Brake Shoe and Pad Guarantee:

All brake shoes and pads installed at Ogden Motorcar come with a limited lifetime warranty. We will replace worn brake shoes or pads on the vehicle we installed them on at no charge for the product for as long as you own the vehicle.

Machining of Drums/Rotors

Many times the general wear and tear of brake through normal usage will require us to have to machine the drums and rotors. This is critical task in making sure surfaces are smooth so pads/shoes touch the drum/rotors properly and perform to the manufactures’ specifications. Failing to machine (lathe down) the drums and rotors will leave an uneven surface that could cause vibration as well as noise related problems.

Basic Brake Configuration

Applies the manufactures specified formula and will comply with the vehicles specific braking requirements to meet the original equipment performance.
This is recommended for customers who want the feel and performance of the original brakes

Ceramic Brake Configuration

Applies the same set of vehicle braking requirements as set by the manufacture but with provide less noise and dust.
This is recommended for customers who the feel and performance of the original brakes with the added benefit of being quieter and keeping the wheels cleaner.

Advance Brake Configuration

This configuration is best for customers who operate their vehicles under extreme conditions such as towing, hauling heavy loads, continuous stop-and-go where the pads will run hotter than normal.

This is recommended for SUV and truck drivers that regularly haul loads or for drivers that want a high performance pad.