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Our Process

When you come in to see us regarding a problem we will describe our approach and our unique, value-tested, comprehensive inspection to hone in on the problem at hand. These diagnostics, when combined with your description of the problem and our years of experience working on cars will provide us the tools we need to identify the problem, define the steps needed to fix the problem as well as outline the possible “side” effects of the issue. Depending on our initial assessment of the problem and before any costs are incurred we will inform you if there will be any diagnostic charges. These charges may occur when identifying the full extent of the problem is deep and we need to take the car considerably apart to diagnose the problem.

During this process, we will have identified needed parts and hardware. We will place the call to our suppliers to identify if the needed parts are available. We will work their delivery into the overall time estimate. Post diagnostics, we will call you and describe the specific problem with your car. We will talk to you about associated problems if any exist and potential problems that may occur as we resolve the issues or perhaps will show up down the road. We feel an informed customer is our best customers. We will quote you a price and we will stick to that price. If there was a cost quoted for the diagnostic, we will include that cost into the overall price so you will know the price.

With your approval to continue, we will start the repair process. Our staff will carefully disassemble the trouble components, clean the area and obtain the needed parts directly from quality aftermarket suppliers including the manufacturer. All parts used meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications are directly provided to Ogden Motorcar though Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs). The vehicle will be reassembled and the vehicle will be tested. This will include shop as well as road testing as it applies to the particular repair. Once we are satisfied that the repair has been completed to our high standards, we will call you and make arrangements for you to pick up your car. We stand by our repairs and offer a very competitive guarantee for all of our work.