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Heating and Cooling

Generally this area of automotive service and repair will involve components such as the radiator, air conditioner and all other associated parts, processes and fluids. Ogden Motorcar staff and suppliers offer only the best and most comprehensive heating and cooling services in this area. We will perform services such as “Get Ready for Winter,” where we will flush your radiator and ensure that the radiator and all the integrated automotive water system components are working well and ready to meet Chicago’s winter head-on.

If the issues lead us to look at your automotive air conditioning system, we want to commit to you right up front that we follow all federal and state guidelines and only dispose of our material in an Earth-friendly way. We perform analyses that will allow us to determine the problem. We will then let you know if there are new methods or technologies available today allowing your car to ‘fit’ better into our fragile environment. One point to note when it comes to working with your automobile AC systems is that many times we don’t have much flexibility with regards to approach and costs.