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There are many filters in your car and they are very important in the overall performance of your car. In order to work at their best, filters need to be free of dirt and debris. This will help to reduce the potential for these particles to end up in your engine. Through normal use, filters become clogged and filled with contaminates that will cause

Even from normal use, a filter could become clogged and contaminated, causing strain on the engine. Consider frequent changes of your cars filters to protect all of the systems in your automobile. As a general rule-of-thumb, the darker the filter the more likely it is time to replace it with a new one. Ogden Motorcar recommends the regular replacement of all filters according to your type of driving, the type of environmental conditions and the recommendations of your vehicles manufacturer.

Inside Filters

Many of today’s vehicles have internal filters engineered to clean the air coming into the passenger compartment for the benefit of the passengers. These filters, also know as cabin filters, filter out dust, dirt, pollen and other contaminants. It is their job to keep particulates found in the outside air from polluting the air in the passenger areas. A great way to think of this is that these filters serve the same purpose function as the filter on your furnace at home. Generally, we recommend replacement every 12,000 miles unless otherwise stated by your manufacturer.

Fuel Filters

The fuel filter sits between your fuel tank and the engine. It is engineered to clean the fuel so the cleanest fuel is passed into the engine. Keeping this filter clean increases gas mileage and improves engine performance. A dirty or clogged fuel filter can have serious short-term consequences and can actually choke the engine by robbing it of the needed fuel to perform. Ogden Motorcar recommends that these filters be changed every 24-36,000 miles unless otherwise stated by your manufacturer.

Oil Filters

The most common practice which Ogden Motorcar follows is to change the oil filter every time an oil change is performed. This is the safest way to make sure that both the oil and the filter will perform at their peak and eliminates the need to follow two different maintenance intervals.

PCV Valve

The PCV valve ventilates the crankcase and helps to keep the engine running smooth. A worn out PCV valve may cause a rough idle, the potential for oil seals to fail, enhanced engine part wear, the need to have more frequent oil changes. Weak or work PCV valves can also contribute to air pollution. Ogden Motorcar recommends changing the PCV valve every 12 months or 12, 000 miles unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer.